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FORUM+ publishes articles and visual essays that are the result of original research. The editors are also open to short contributions, such as artistic texts, interviews and contemplative essays. In this way FORUM+ offers a platform for the multitude of forms in which research in the arts is currently being expressed.

FORUM+ also publishes in-depth reviews about books, CDs, DVDs, exhibitions, theater, opera and dance performances, and the heritage section 'Ex Libris' about the rich library collection of the Antwerp Conservatoire.

FORUM+ only publishes original contributions, i.e. contributions that have not been published elsewhere.

Articles are peer reviewed. This means that these contributions are assessed by the editors and a member of the advisory editor with specific expertise on the basis of these guidelines and criteria.

Proposals in Dutch or English can be directed to the editors via

FORUM+ uses endnotes for bibliographic references in the MLA style (8th edition).

The author's guidelines can be downloaded here.
If desired, authors can use this template for articles.

Deadlines for 2023

Februari issue: 15 August 2022
May issue: 1 December 2022
October issue: 15 April 2022